An artist’s statement is something of a contradiction to me since I feel that the work should speak for itself.

The images on this site were conceived and executed under a wild variety of circumstances. Every photo is loaded with history, meaning and intent…but those things are deeply personal. No matter what may have transpired backstage, once the performers step before the audience, the work belongs to you. If you are curious as to what something means to us, feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to wax philosophical about it…but whatever you take out of the work is just as valid as what we put in.

I strive to be positive, optimistic, respectful and reasonable in life…but I prefer my art to be macabre, kinky, mysterious and sensual. I don’t believe in censorship. Life has no rating and neither should art. My models are free to set the boundaries wherever they wish. If anything here offends you or warps your children…you’re welcome.

My name is Steven Edward Walker of SewWhatFilms. I think the craft of sewing is a fine analog for the artistic process. The imagination is filled with strands and fibers of bright ideas. The fun part is taking all those loose threads and sewing them together.