Bloody Monday

"Nice day for a run.""I had a dream of green.""An album cover waiting to happen.""Bloody Monday.""The Flames of Spring.""Not guilty.""Made for more than walking...""Preserving my rites...""Feeling the breeze.""All Shivers.""...only feels natural.""Goes well with pale.""Ritual Attire.""Just letting go.""Quit staring at my ass.""Offering.""If you have to ask...""'ll never understand.""Cleansed.""Wetwork.""Splish.""What the water gave me..."

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April 2013

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Sometimes boredom is the ultimate artistic fuel. The model and I found ourselves with a rare Monday off from our day jobs and she had long wanted to do a set where she poured blood all over herself. She had this cute skull shirt with these fun tassels on it and I had been looking for a reason to use this glass skull bottle for a while. Add in some rubber cement for economic fire effects with some dark red theatrical blood and you have a recipe for sexy. We were concerned that the blood pouring would ruin her outfit but she had a simple solution for that…


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