Dead Like Me

"No trespassing.""I'm fine without ice cream...""Interloper.""Unsettled.""Pushy.""Dead like me."

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Halloween 2012

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The location in this set is an abandoned school in southern Texas from the days of segregation. It’s one of those places that no single image can capture because it is practically dripping with history, atmosphere and overall creepiness. You expect a ghost face to appear between the cracks of the boarded up windows at any moment.

I photographed the girls separately to achieve the see-through effect. Since we had a limited amount of time to be at this location, we didn’t want to risk the complications of proper gore effects for the final shot. All the blood was added in Photoshop, by which I mean I slaved away on it for days before it looked anything resembling natural. The moral of that story is that practical blood effects are always the best option.


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