No Shelter

"Just another morning.""Loosen up.""What eye see.""Centerfold.""Fallout Girl.""Isolated System.""Hunker down.""Unsteady.""Backseat driver.""Lamplight.""No Shelter"

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July 2013

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Shackles, masks, skin and chains…these are a few of my favorite things. I am amused by this bizarre contradiction that is developing in the age of internet communication. We cling to anonymity and pseudonyms in the online world like masks and use them as license to say anything we want, regardless of manners, decorum or even common sense. Yet at the same time, more and more of our personal information and activity is becoming part of an all-too-easily accessible public record. We grow more exposed with each passing year, and the idea of staying off the grid becomes more elusive. How long till there is no shelter left?


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