Pity About the Shirt

"Pity about the shirt.""He looked good in white.""This will never wash out.""What was that?""This knife is for show."

5 Images

August 2011

These images have the proud history of being the first photoset produced for what would become LooseThreads. When they were taken, it was a flight of romantic fancy with no ambition to define a new brand. Only when they were finished did I realize that I had captured something that merited further exploration. These photos are a well of deep memories. A cold mixture of birth, death, betrayal, fear, panic and acceptance.

This set is also a tribute to improvisation. When the shoot started, there was no real idea. Just a pretty lady in a great costume. The only place at this house with enough room to shoot was the washer and dryer corner. I decided that if I was stuck with the appliances in my shot, then they needed to be justified in the scene. This led to the idea of washing a bloody shirt, but we had no fake blood. After some household scouring, we made a surprisingly good substitute by crushing up frozen raspberries. The bits of berry added a nice touch of gore to the final shots.


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